A.G.T All Girls Together

2016 06 Jul

Sasha, and Josie who are middle class, young Kenyan ladies working hard to maintain their urban lifestyles; dressing fashionably . . . hanging out at the trendiest places . . . with the right class of people . . . and for the "right reasons." Relationships at this point in their lives are short term with the guys dumped as easily as they are picked.

The girls' relationship with each other is also volatile; Josie scorns Sasha for being a home breaker, Sasha taunts Josie for being a fake. Each justifies their choice.

As they mature, they feel the need for more solid and long term relationships. Each is lucky enough to find the man of their dreams . . . but dreams can easily turn into nightmares and both girls discover that what goes round comes around. Will the girls win this round of the "game"?
. . . A.G.T- All Girls Together" will make you laugh and cry, hate and love, cheer and boo and question the motives . . . the diverse reasons people have for getting into and out of relationships.
Nominated for "Best Actress" in the Kalasha Awards 2009.

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