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The story revolves around the lives of four ex-college-mates who get together, after several years.

The four, Attila, Zwide, Garth and Jezebel, while at college, all seemed to be at the same level, all looking forward to success and happiness in life - but life has its own twists and turns which none of us can perceive or predict.

Attila is decadent and utterly unscrupulous. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he is in politics, a 'Young Turk', who has to win the next general election.

Zwide is an emotional investigative journalist who leaves no leaf unturned. He is very passionate about freedom of the press and life.

Garth is a jailbird who runs an organized crime syndicate. He will use all means at his disposal to get a new start in life.

Jezebel is a mystery to them (undercover cop) and for her it's payback time.

At Attila's remote hideout, the four meet for various reasons, the skeletons of the past come to haunt them. Allegiances shift as the skeletons come tumbling out of the cupboard. Every one has a price, and everyone has something they are ready to live for. The one thing they want, 'By Any Means Necessary'.

Nominated for "Best Supporting Actor" in the Kalasha Awards 2009.

Won the 2006 Kenya International Film Festival award for "Best Actress".

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Mentality - Cheating

Mentality a men's show talking about issues relating to MEN.

Episode 1 - Cheating

What will you do if you find you woman cheating?


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Formula X

Formula X revolves around the life of a young successful scientist (Frank) who discovers a vaccine for the HIV Virus. In his quest to make a huge international sale of the patented drug, a rival company uses a paid criminal (Juma) to get this formula that contains vital information about this vaccine. The film shows a twist between his secret relationship with his secretary (Lisa) and his struggle to protect his business empire from the world of organized crime while at the same time sustain a marriage with his wife (Cindy) which is falling apart.

Formula X features notable cameos by local celebrities such as Eric Wainaina, Karma, Gich Boy, Nonini, and Chris Kirubi among other surprises. They are superbly cast to play their roles and take this movie told in a nonlinear fashion to new heights in Kenyan cinema. The soundtrack will be released along with the movie through SoulChild records. It features the larger than life theme song for the movie titled "Salvation" that was beautifully crafted and performed by Kanjii. Some new tracks from Lady B as well as dynamic compositions such as "Kilio" by Jogg C/Gospel Fathaz, "Too Far From Home" by Eric Wainaina that have also proven to be hits. The movie is a co-production between Light Media and Serengeti Studio.

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Our Background

logo-black-bgCompany History
Founded in 2005 with the intention of dealing quality Entertainment and giving customers value for money by renting original DVDs at our first premiere retail store located in Prestige Plaza Ngong road, Nairobi.
What we did
We grew to three retail touch points serving over 4,000 members through a catalogue over 10,000 titles across differ¬ent platforms in sub Saharan Africa ranging from local, Afri¬can International (Hollywood, Bollywood and other foreign languages).
What we are now doing
We have developed in-house Mo Moviez Video On Demand (VOD) platform which will enable the world to access African Content Via our APP, Currently on Samsung smart TV, Windows Handheld devices - we are working day and night to have the app available on other platforms aswell.
Do find Mo Moviez VOD app in a digital store on your device soon!!!

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Mayfair Business Centre |A4 - 4th Floor |

Msapo Close | Off Parklands Road

(Behind Southersun Mayfair Hotel - take the road with barrier of Mayfair Casino) - 

Mo Moviez Limited, P O Box 38256 -00623, Nairobi – KENYA 

Working hours 9 am - 5 pm 

Contact us

Mo Moviez Limited

P O Box 38256 - 00623 Nairobi, Kenya

Mayfair Business Center - 4th Floor - Off Parklands Road - Behind Southernsun Hotel Mayfair

– 0720 391 171 / 0737 120 020 / 0722 809 687 - 

In an event of any query or inquiry, please call or Whatsapp on the hotline:+254737120020 or send email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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